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Physical Gold & Silver
Digital Ownership

iTrustCapital utilizes VaultChain™, investment-grade
gold and silver held physically at the Royal Canadian Mint
with ownership managed via a secure blockchain
distributed ledger.

Gold & Silver bars

With VaultChain™, iTrust clients can buy and sell gold & silver 24/7.
Clients place trades through iTrust's interface which executes through precious metals leader Kitco.

Learn more about The Future of Physical Gold & Silver Investing.

How iTrustCapital Gold & Silver Stacks Up

Precious Simple


  • Physical gold and silver.
    Not a security, derivative, future, or other financial contracts.
  • Clients trade 24/7 from their personal dashboard alongside all other assets offered on the iTrust platform.
Precious Secure


  • Fully backed by physical gold and silver at all times.
  • Guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint, a Crown corporation owned by the Government of Canada.
Precious Low-cost


  • Gold: $50 Over Spot Per Ounce.
  • Silver: $2.50 Over Spot Per Ounce.
  • No commissioned sales reps.
  • No overpriced coins.

About the
Royal Canadian Mint

A Crown corporation, The Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for the minting and distribution of Canada's circulation coins.

Recognized as one of the largest and most versatile mints in the world, and an ISO 9001-2008 certified corporation, the Royal Canadian Mint offers a wide range of high-quality coins and related services.

About Kitco

Established in 1977, Kitco has earned its reputation as one of the world's premier retailers of gold and precious metals.

Kitco offers a complete line of the highest quality gold bullion bars and coins for investors, as well as other precious metals products.

As well, Kitco has storage and refining services for the jeweler manufacturing industry.

Kitco's news and media website (www.kitco.com) is visited daily by over half a million people worldwide.

About Tradewind

Tradewind was formed in 2016 and offers extensive experience in electronic trading, market structure and operations, cryptography and blockchain technology, and gold investment management.

Tradewind has built the technology platform to digitize the trading, settlement, and ownership of gold. The Tradewind solution combines world-class exchange technology with Vaultchain™, Tradewind's blockchain technology tailored for gold.